What do guys really need help with?

Do they need help finding the latest video games? The best deals on home electronics? The latest releases of DVD and Movies? Bargains on power tools and sporting goods? No, most guys have no problem finding all that stuph all by themselves.

What most guys really need help with is finding something for that special lady in their lives. Guys just don't have the shopping gene like women do, the price we pay for being able to pee standing up.

What you need to do is watch for subtle hints. Does she get all cuddly during the romantic scenes of movies? Then you might try taking her away for a nice relaxing weekend at a better hotel not too far away. A little candle light, soft music, and let the juices flow.

If she's not the romantic type, perhaps she's a bit more kinky. Send her some hot sexy lingerie, a pair of six inch stiletto high heels, a key for a pair of handcuffs with a note that you're cuffed to the bed waiting for her wearing only a leather thong!

Use your imagination a little, listen and watch for the hints. All women drop hints, some of them even resort to picking them up and throwing them at you. Pay attention, then take the initiative. She'll love you forever.

Gift Ideas for that Special Lady
Leather - Boots - Corsets - Bondage
Gift Ideas for that Special Lady
Romantic Hotel Getaways
Gift Ideas for that Special Lady
Kinky Lingerie - Sexy High Heels

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